Charley Varrick

Joe Don Baker and Christina Hart in Charley Varrick (dir. Don Siegel, 1973).

The best post-Body Snatchers Don Siegel film I've seen yet. A very Elmore Leonard feel: lots of colorful bad guys, seedy-hip Nevada locations, and groooovy seventies decor. This must be where Tarantino got that "pair of pliers and a blowtorch" line in Pulp Fiction (and Bridget Fonda's wardrobe in Jackie Brown). Matthau's good, but the real scene-stealers are Joe Don Baker as the hit man Molly, and John Vernon as the corrupt businessman Maynard Boyle. It's heist-tastic! Apparently, however, it's only available in a crummy pan-and-scan edition on a DVD with no menu.

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