The Prestige

Cats and hats: The Prestige (dir. Christopher Nolan, 2006).

There are three parts to a magic trick:
1. The Pledge: you show the audience an empty hat.
2. The Turn: you pull a rabbit out of the hat.
3. The Prestige: you have to ... somehow ... get the rabbit back in the hat?

I didn't really understand this movie, I guess.


phaneronoemikon said...

they tried to do The Fly
but with David Bowie as Tesla
instead of Vincent Price
and also the hard-drive
as big as 10000 of our suns
to exactly replicate a human
being's electron spin vectors.

My statement, I'll watch any move
with Michael Caine in it, has
put me in this position before.

you picked a nice image
from it though.

phaneronoemikon said...

i meant and also without
the hard drive