Edward G. Robinson (and two pieces from his collection of Impressionist paintings, on loan to Warner Bros.) in Illegal (dir. Lewis Allen, 1955).

Ambitious DA accidentally sends wrong man to the chair (DeForest Kelley of Star Trek in a very small part) and switches to being a mouthpiece for criminals. Best part is the DVD commentary by star Nina Foch, now in her eighties, who remarks every few seconds on how stiff and dead everyone looks in the film, and how much better movies are now that technology has improved and we have learned the lessons of psychoanalysis.


phaneronoemikon said...


phaneronoemikon said...

i saw no country tonight, and i thought of your rev.

to me, it didnt so much change the feel or genre, but just seemed to be a kind of dingy?(sic) aside, like a rusty slicker serving chips and salsa
while the guests waited in line for the bathroom.. didnt bother me.

the only thing that did bother me is that the main char, the 'good guy' reminded me of one of my old friends who 'dissed me' over the holidays which gave me a queasy frisson.

but that's nothing new either.