Joe Don Baker in Framed (dir. Phil Karlson, 1975).

It was made in 1975, but it looks like it was made in 1972. Isn't it weird that it's possible to make that distinction?

Phil Karlson's follow-up to Walking Tall, and his last movie ever. Not his best, but pretty damn good. You have to love it when Brock Peters introduces himself as "Sam--without the bo."

Just look at Joe Don Baker. What the hell is he? He's not your typical tough guy, exactly--he's got too much dandy in him, too much deep-rooted moral weakness, about as much deep-rooted moral weakness as you can have and still be the hero. Who else is like him? OK, Burt Reynolds, I guess.

That's what Joe Don Baker is: the white Burt Reynolds.

Speaking of Burt Reynolds, the third issue of Abraham Lincoln will be out very soon, and it contains a groundbreaking poem about Burt Reynolds by Jennifer Knox.