Dane Clark in Blackout (dir. Terence Fisher, 1954).

"What kind of a city is London if someone like you gets lonely?"

"The last time Miss Opportunity knocked on my door I let her in ... now I haven't even got a door."

"You even smell like money."

"I wanna be wherever things are smooth ... you know ... plate glass, chrome, expensive furniture...."

"Be a detective...? I could do that. I've seen enough movies."

"You sound like a recording--only you don't look mechanical at all."

"For a minute I thought your voice was changing."

"I didn't hit her; she fainted."

"He's got a rug in his office like an uncut lawn."

"It's a big jump from garbage cans to mink."

"I have a very peculiar habit: breathing."

"Played any more games with automobiles lately?"

"Thanks for the gun."

"What do they call this stuff--'Kiss of Death'?"

"I hadda hit her a little too hard."

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