Rebel Without a Cause

"Who lives?" Natalie Wood and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (dir. Nicholas Ray, 1955).

Somehow, I'd never seen this before. Is it too much to ask: why can't a film look like this anymore? OK, a few do. Far from Heaven comes to mind. Better question: why don't lots of new films look like this? Cheap horror films used to look nearly this good. Like Roger Corman's The Haunted Palace (1963), which I just saw (on VHS--I can't find a good image from the web to post). Why do most films now, instead, look like episodes of Judging Amy? Or like screensavers or TIAA/CREF ads? I'll stop being cranky and ask the real question: why no more Technicolor? I've heard that it's too expensive. Can that be right? Is anything too expensive for Hollywood? Don't they build entire cities just to blow them up? And don't get me started on black and white. And silents! Why all this talk, talk, talk?


phaneronoemikon said...

I've always wondered why Cibachrome
couldn't be done with film..?

Jordan said...

Haw haw haw just saw this about the ads. Made my day. Thank you.