A serial killer's Baudelaire-inspired letter in Lured (dir. Douglas Sirk, 1947).

Boris Karloff.

Cedric Hardwicke and Lucille Ball.

Scotland Yard enlists dancehall girl Lucille Ball to help track down a serial killer of young women in this enjoyable Sirk vehicle.

I'm sick and can only write TV Guide-length descriptions.


girish said...

Kasey, I'd like to recommend a DVD that might be a good Lost in the Frame candidate: John Brahm's B-movie gem, HANGOVER SQUARE (1945), with Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell and George Sanders.

Bryan said...

Sickness is no excuse for TV Guide-ness!

Actually, it is.

I'm sick too.

Wanna see 'There Will Be Blood' when you get back from the MIDDLE?

I'll get the gang together.


I just looked at movies.

I think 'There Will Be Blood' will probably play in Medford around 3009 but we can see 'Something Else.'