FBI Girl

Raymond Burr and Audrey Totter in FBI Girl (dir. William A. Berke, 1951).

Reasons to see this movie:

* Audrey Totter
* Raymond Burr
* Audrey Totter's two ditzy blonde roommates, who somehow are allowed by the Production Code to share a big double bed while clad in flimsy nightgowns
* storyline that entails connections between federal government and organized crime
* bizarre extended sequence where the action completely stops while we watch a TV comedy routine featuring Peter Marshall (yes, the Hollywood Squares guy) and Tommy Noonan
* Alexander Pope (no, not the poet, silly) as a frightening thug named "Georgia" who dons priest's garb to make a hit in a hospital
* Cesar Romero firing a machine gun out of a helicopter at Raymond Burr in a speedboat

I can't think of any other reasons offhand, but those should be enough.

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