Noah Fleiss and Lukas Haas in Brick (dir. Rian Johnson, 2005).

High-school noir. Yeah, I know.

Worthy of note for having the most difficult-to-follow plot since The Big Sleep (no, I take it back, it's even more confusing), and, in all seriousness, a striking performance from Noah Fleiss (Heidi's nephew) as "Tug," a thug. His chronic inability to contain his rage escapes becoming tiresome because Fleiss plays it like classical violin, releasing lightning bolts of tension with precision timing. Comparisons to a young Sean Penn are inevitable.


Daniel said...

I think Brick is one of the most insightful and chilling commentaries out there on the alienation of youth. The touch of unreality that the stilted dialogue brings it ends up painting a picture of a generation hopelessly divorced from the world, and themselves. You're right that Tug is key. In a strange way, I often link this movie with Dennis Cooper in my mind.

Ryan said...

recently saw it. Thought the same about Tug.

Was there no attendance policy in this high school?

Best scene: The Pin and our "hero" are seated at the table while The Pin's mother asks what the latter wants to drink.