The Hidden

Kyle MacLachlan in The Hidden (dir. Jack Sholder, 1987).

I think I fell asleep when I watched this on late-night cable over fifteen years ago. I've always remembered that I liked it, but seeing it again, I remembered almost nothing. Which is nice, because I didn't know how it was going to turn out, so it was like seeing it for the first time. Anyway, it's a load of fun--it has some of that weirdo late-eighties sci-fi energy that say, Repo Man has (though not quite that much). The basic premise is that an alien life form takes over normal people and makes them want to do violent crimes and listen to terrible hard rock. Kyle MacLachlan, in his third screen role, plays an FBI agent, four years before Twin Peaks (did Lynch get the idea of casting him as Dale Cooper from this?).

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jane said...

I actually love this movie, which along with Splash and Terminator is one of the great examples of "good roles for actors who can't quite pull off human beings" — give them characters who are aliens pretending to be human! But I am pretty sure Lynch cast KM in Twin Peaks to expiate his guilt over screwing him into the disaster that was Dune. And if you now defend Dune, it won't be charming contrarianism or even perverse taste but something far darker...