What Happens in Vegas...

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz in What Happens in Vegas... (dir. Tom Vaughan, 2008).

1     What happens in Vegas is everything that is the case.

1.1     What happens in Vegas is the totality of facts, not of things.

2.01231     In order to know what happens in Vegas, I must know not its external but all its internal qualities.

2.2     What happens in Vegas has the logical form of representation in common with what it pictures.

3.221     What happens in Vegas I can only name. Signs represent it. I can only speak of it. I cannot assert it. A proposition can only say how what happens in Vegas is, not what it is.

4.112     What happens in Vegas is not a theory but an activity.

5.6     The limits of what happens in Vegas represent the limits of my world.

6.41     The sense of what happens in Vegas must lie outside what happens in Vegas. In Vegas everything is as it is and happens as it does happen. In it there is no value--and if there were, it would be of no value.

If there is a value which is of value, it must lie outside all happening in Vegas and being-so. For all happening in Vegas and being-so is accidental.

6.43     The world of the happy is quite another than that of the unhappy.

6.44     Not how what happens in Vegas is, is the mystical, but that it is.

7     What happens in Vegas, thereof one must be silent.


damian said...

6.54 One must ride the space needle to the top? and then throw up? and then one sees the world rightly?

I suppose after more investigations you come to the understanding that although what happens in vegas cannot be spoken of, it can be "shown." as a religious persons belief is not spoken of but reflected in certain behaviors. A frequenter of vegas may participate in frequent trips to the clinic and the poker room.

Jordan said...

Tractacus Kutcherico-Diazicus!

Patrick Roberts said...

most of the chick flicks i've seen with Ashton Kutcher have been at least decently good... A Lot Like Love is one example